And so we decided to put our asses in the car and spend my girlfriend’s birthday in a town near us. Her birthday present. We prepared our luggage on the run and jumped into the car. In two hours we were already staying at the hotel and ready to go out to eat. We walked for about 30 minutes until we found a restaurant to our liking. We finished eating and we decided to stay for dessert (a bottle of rosé wine) After about 2 glasses of wine my eyes were on the phone and with my foot I lightly massaged my cock under the table.

I receive a message on the phone:

I hope you’re taking your girlfriend out of town for her birthday…
Hm, only if you wear the clothes I ordered for your birthday
Well, I wear those when we get from the club to the love room, they’re too eye-catching for the club.
Well, I’m taking you to the club and you’re giving me a nice surprise and you’re dressing sexier than usual.
Sexy? I look like a dressed-up bitch, so I tried them on.

So you don’t like to dress like that?
Yes, but am I crazy to go out like that, especially in the club? You can see half an ass in that skirt … well, what an ass I have
You really have a nice ass

It’s already 21, it’s about two hours before we get to the room and get ready.
It’s getting dark outside, and even if someone sees you like that, they don’t even know you’re right here.
It’s dark in the club, plus there are a bunch of women who are more naked than you…
You’re right too… I don’t know, maybe if you’re a good boy. Am I a good boy?


Did you forget who your beautiful boss is?
It’s better to take my foot off my dick because it’s concrete, give the wine you still have in your glass over your head…
And lower your hand slightly under the table, leave it lightly on your back and put your panties in my pussy for me.
I want you to get wet in the room

It’s my birthday today … you have to do as I do
Do I have to wait longer??
Maybe someone can see me with my hand on my pussy..🤣🤣
Well, be careful… come on and put them deep in your pussy not so much as a spell.
After making sure no one saw her, he stuffed his panties deep into her pussy, dropping a small moan of pleasure.
I go to the bathroom love and leave after that..ok?

Okay, but take your phone with you to the bathroom…
Make sure you leave those panties like that until we get to the room. I’ll check on you when we get there and you’ll eat if you don’t care 🤣🤣
Good boss… I understand you live.

To unbutton your shirt and pull on those jeans so that people could see the lips of the pass… that the young waiter came and brought us the bill. I told him to come when you came out of the bathroom and you paid
You’re crazy crazy… his cock will rise when he sees me like that.

You didn’t say he was cute… Come on, you see the tits in your pussy and moved.
I’ll give this bribe to this waiter… 🤣🤣🤣
And he appears with the phone in his hand, smiling under his mustache, looking down subtly to see how bad he is.
The waiter is not late to appear after the note…

Mine leaned over and took her wallet, giving her a beautiful view of her big tits. With my eyes on my wallet, the game continued, spreading my legs even more, leaving a wonderful view.
After the whole exciting phase for all three, we went to the hotel…
You know I got wet last time in my pussy because of my panties…

From panties or because of the waiter? ⁇
And, and didn’t you see her looking straight into my pussy? ⁇
Looks like you haven’t given me a dick in a week…
I immediately got wet.
Come on, let me give you tonight… you kick your ass when you go because all the men are looking after you… your jeans fit properly between your legs and your lips can be seen through these jeans.

After being a week, there is also a little panties in my pussy I was running. Come on, I can’t wait.
By the time I got to the room, a small spot could be seen in the pussy area. A sign that she was super excited.
He sat me down on a chair in the room and served me a cold beer from the fridge.
So stay calm there and look at me, honey.
She sat down in front of me, her pussy pulling her jeans back deep into her pussy.
I have a dick.

She took off her shirt, exposing her large breasts
Her hand went down into her trousers, massaging her strong index finger as she massaged her hardened nipples with the other hand.
Come on, you got so wet on your pussy that you got your jeans wet too…
Ahhh I know, I don’t care.

Then he turned his back on me, leaving his jeans on. Semi goat and slapped a few slaps on the throat, finishing the whole swul with a few short penetrations in the ass.
Come on spell, I’m going to get sexy sexy… I’m in the mood tonight to get drunk and fuck me like hell.

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