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At this time of a coronavirus pandemic this section is here to give you a bit of excitement as you are on lockdown. It can be frustrating being indoors but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and reading some seriously sexy escort stories. These intensely sensual escort stories are dedicated to the most steamy and avid readers of naughty stories. Do you have a passion for reading naughty escort stories that are very escort orientated? These sexy tales of amazing seduction, intensely erotic sensuality and daring tease will get your pulses racing. This section has been voted one of the hottest bedtime reading story website. All of the escort stories displayed in this section are all fictitious. They do not and will not ever represent any of escorts that are displayed on our agency website. This fun fuelled section is just simply an escort story hub where lovers of the escort market and also escorts can enjoy stories. The escort stories displayed are very diverse, highly imaginative and yes of course always fantasy based. You will be amazingly transported into a fabulous world of intensely naughty fun, where imagination can freely run wild. Our sensually fiery adult stories are meant for adults only, so you have to be over 18 years of age to read any escort story on this page. There will be a selection stories that will come in two parts. So make sure you always check back for the sexy continuation of this fabulous erotic fiction. Maybe you are an individual or couple who have never ever indulged in reading the hottest erotic stories. Take this time to read, let your imagination flow and maybe get a bit hot under the collar in your own privacy.

Every month this page will amazingly feature a brand new set of the hottest  escort stories on the web. Covering the complete range of escorts and escort services in a fantasy driven experience. Maybe you have a real love blonde escorts or have fantasise about meeting really busty escorts. These escort tales will always have you glued to the screen (or something glued to it). You can easily read them in your leisure time or even at your break time at your job, on a mobile device. Indulge in a very intense manner in this fantastic adventure of electrifying steamy literature. These escort inspired stories appeal to both men and women across the board. Some of these stories are orientated around escort services that a typical escort agency provides. Again these tales are purely fictitious, but your imagination has the opportunity to shape that into a breathtaking reality, where you are free to explore your inner most desires and passions.

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