A good oral sex

A good oral sex keeps your partner away from temptations

My dear ones, how many times have you wondered why men prefer oral sex and especially why they look for it elsewhere, right ?! A good oral sex. Well, there are many secrets to having oral sex and keeping a man at home by having good oral sex. I will reveal in the following some of my secrets, gathered over time related to this topic.

Men generally do not know how to express themselves explicitly when it comes to this subject, generally when a woman’s lips touch her sex the effect is that of “coma”. That is, she has only one reaction. This is how you should pamper your boyfriend, husband, friend or partner with whom you find yourself in bed. A good oral sex imprints you in the mind or heart of the one you covet. It is said that oral sex done perfectly, at least once a week, keeps your man away from temptations. Is that so ?!


Try to beat your preconceptions if you have them, because if you don’t, curiosity will make him look elsewhere. Think of it as normal, like a kiss but more passionate. Before taking him to the “light”, play with your boyfriend’s penis for a few minutes (no more than 2!), Touching him through his underwear. Then take him out, and kiss him tenderly. To begin with, water it well, in abundance, the penis is full of receptor sensors. Spread saliva everywhere, do this throughout the act.

About sucking

A good oral sex

Then, fix his “head” between his lips, but be careful not to touch him with your teeth. My lips are good to keep, my dear ones, just like when we lipstick and rub each other to even out the lipstick. The tongue plays an important role, make circular movements and lick just like a lollipop. Contrary to folklore, the penis does not suck. Okay, at least not in a brutal way. The sucking must be very subtle, otherwise you can arouse unpleasant sensations in your partner and wake up as the “little one” falls asleep. I recommend (not mandatory!) That at regular intervals, usually after you “caress” it, you simulate more light sucking, just like when you smoke a fine cigarette.

Hand and component part

The hand, or hands, also play a very important role in oral sex. If the upper part (“the hood”) is occupied by the mouth and the lips, the rest is occupied by the hand. If you are left-handed or right-handed, grasp the limb just like the door handle, as low as possible and tighten it slightly. Perform the brushing movement on the teeth, with slow movements interspersed with a few faster ones, the combination is established according to the audio reactions. But be very careful, keep your eyes and ears on your partner, you can have the liquid surprise very quickly. Not that it’s bad, but a man prefers oral sex to last 5 to 15 minutes. That is if you are not at the end and then you have to give your best.

If the mouth and one hand are already at work, we might wonder what we can do with the free hand. Well, there are many options here. You can stimulate him anal, but the finger should be very, very moist, knowing that through the anus in the man can “massage” the prostate which results in instant ejaculation. But it doesn’t hurt that the free hand massages his “outlets” or caresses his legs or buttocks, it depends on the male to the male.

Is he ejaculating, swallowing?

But there is a problem: ejaculation. I know, many of you will say that you do not put your mouth to such a thing. To be honest, at first this thought made me shiver, many times in the beginning I “threatened” him with kissing and “abstinence from oral sex” in case he was going to “hurt” me. So every time I felt his hand on my head a few seconds before the “explosion”. Now, after a while, I became convinced that it was just a generalized phobia of folklore transmitted by word of mouth in various circles and, of course, in our society.

Realistically speaking my dears, how many other really nasty nonsense have we not put our mouths on and this intentionally? There are medicines or foods that have an extremely horrible taste and that I intentionally or involuntarily tasted, remaining with a bitter taste. Sperm is a hot and slightly salty liquid, which over time you come to perceive as being part of your beloved husband, friend or partner. It is not necessary and it is not obligatory to swallow. But to receive his liquid in the mouth, for the man it is a tacit sign of appreciation from him. It makes him more confident in you and instills in him a much deeper sense of loyalty.

So let’s get back to our business. You will definitely feel at some point from your boyfriend’s repeated movements that he will reach the climax as soon as possible. Here the psyche plays an important role. You have to feel it, follow its movements and you will do all this with your mouth and hand. In some cases, the partners resort to “agreement” announcements: a handshake, a touch on the head, a loud moan, etc.… I tell you that all this steals some of the pleasure. The common part, I say. Our part, of women because you no longer feel the total “reward” (you will understand later!) And their part because we deprive them of total relaxation and condition their attention to the “climax”. You would say from the beginning: “see, Be careful, let me know! ” It’s like someone is giving you a coffee, and as you put the cup in your mouth it will tell you that it has no more sugar. And then think differently: if when he does cunillingus, he has no restraint, why should we? Basically he “takes” everything inside us and that creates a huge pleasure. And we turn our eyes to what he practically does every time, with pleasure still.

It’s easier to get free, have oral sex without hesitation and make sure from the beginning that you don’t have to “align” at the finish to protect yourself from unwanted splashes. The moment you feel that he is at his maximum aroused, accelerate the movements of your hand and tongue and focus more on the “tick”. Most importantly, do not stop whatever it is. A few seconds before (usually a maximum of 3 I noticed 😉) you will feel some very frequent contractions. That is the sign that the lover will release the salty-bitter liquid. Taking his mouth out and “milking” it can be a solution, although the pleasure is less intense, for him of course. At this point I continue and when I feel the first drop, I coordinate the movements of my hand exactly in the rhythm of releasing the drops. Sperm, spread her tongue over the “cap” and then let it come out of her mouth next to her lips during the up and down movements. If you keep underwear and you don’t have a towel on hand, you can keep it in your mouth until the bathroom. Preferably, as I think we all do the same, we keep a towel close.

Oral sex keeps him at home

This is my technique, gathered in a few years, from magazines, websites, movies, friends’ opinions and from what I have “taken” from my husband. And let me tell you – it was a scary place. You know that a woman feels when a man cheats. Well, I feel like my husband puts a lot of value on the oral sex I give him. This can be seen especially on some mornings when I wake up the “little one” first. Men love oral sex in the morning, especially when they wake up. Never ask them if they want oral sex. They will never refuse that.

Maybe one evening you feel like having a sex game and if you feel him dodging “his head hurts, he’s tired… etc” (typical apology for refusing 😉) don’t insist, maybe that’s right schimb Instead take the initiative after a few minutes, letting you down and inviting the “naughty” to play. Give results, 10 out of 10!

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