The first time I did SQUIRT

Yesterday I had my first ejaculation and it was the most intense experience I had! The first time I did SQUIRT…

My readers know that I have been trying to ejaculate for a long time, but I have never been able to.The first time I did SQUIRT…

I’ve seen countless porn movies where women ejaculated everywhere, including the man’s face, and I was simply saddened to think that I would never be able to have such an experience. But finally – FINALLY – after years of research in which I did everything I could to ejaculate, yesterday I had my first ejaculation.

I can say that it was as intense an experience as I imagined it would be. If you want to learn how to ejaculate as a woman, follow my advice – it will save you years of study.

It all started with position 69

As you know, I’m not a big fan of this position, of mutual oral sex. I like oral sex, but it’s hard for me to enjoy the sensations of this position when I also have to satisfy the man.

I’m the kind of woman who likes to take pleasure in turn – I satisfy you, then you satisfy me. If we try to satisfy each other at the same time, it’s hard for me to focus on both. This is the case with oral sex, of course – when it comes to vaginal sex, then we can enjoy it together at the same time.

It’s not so easy to have oral sex with a man, but if you try to do this while he’s doing it to you, it’s like trying to eat ice cream when you’re jogging and at the same time talking to phone – too many at the same time. All are pleasant experiences, but they must be done one at a time.

Although position 69 is not for me, yesterday I said let’s try it – what’s more fun in a couple than experimenting, right?

I was in this position yesterday, when I ejaculated for the first time, which, although not my favorite, earned a special place in the top of my positions precisely because of this experience. Here’s how it happened.

My first ejaculation

I spent most of the evening in a continuous prelude. We kissed, we touched, we had sex from time to time, but without finishing – we simply enjoyed each other.

I don’t remember exactly how I got from touch to position 69. I know he proposed, I was already excited but not very sure of myself because, meh, it’s position 69. Still, I said let’s try, we have nothing to lose. In fact, I didn’t even get to say that I agreed that he was already on me, the other way around.

We were naked. I was having sex, trying to squeeze as much as I could from his penis into my mouth. He put me on and besides the fact that he was using his tongue phenomenally, he penetrated me with my favorite dildo. He probably read somewhere how oral sex is done in women, otherwise I don’t know where he got so much experience from. Maybe that’s why he was so eager to try position 69, because he wanted to show me what he learned.

Now I have to admit that from the very beginning I realized that he was trying to make the evening special. Out of the whole collection of dildos, he chose my favorite. It was clear that it was not a trivial evening.

I remember it was so nice that I couldn’t help but moan – I was moaning with pleasure, and he couldn’t believe it. Although I’m the kind of woman who often moans during sex, now it’s different, it was something involuntary and he knew it. He quickly realized that he was doing well and continued. During this time, as aroused as I was, I began to give her oral sex even more intensely.

In any case, it was important for me to have oral sex with her. I’ve read countless stories about how to ejaculate as a woman and what a man should do, but I’ve never read about what you can do to a man to ejaculate – for me, his cock in my mouth was an important factor for ejaculation production. That’s because I’m aroused when I give him oral sex, not just when I receive it.

While penetrating me deeply with the dildo

I start to feel the heat that is produced in the abdomen. My legs become more tense, my eyes close, I start salivating more through the corners of my mouth and I feel something coming, a super strong force inside, ready to release.

At that moment, I actually felt like I couldn’t control myself and I told him not to stop. I felt the most intense orgasm of my life at that moment, which came out of the vagina with a clear liquid. Yes, I managed to ejaculate! It was as intense and powerful as an explosion. I ejaculated about 50 cm away.

I hadn’t even been able to figure out what had happened, I actually felt like I was losing my mind of pleasure. It was so intense that I decided to write a special article about this feeling.

He could see on his face how proud he was of what he had managed to provoke me to do. But it didn’t stop there. When he sees that I have an orgasm and I ejaculate, he continues to penetrate me with the dildo and during this time I had orgasm after orgasm and I ejaculated again and again.

His penis in my mouth stops my strong moans, but nothing can stop the spasms of the vaginal muscles. I ejaculated 4-5 times!

When he saw the pleasure I was enjoying, he wanted to experience it too, so without warning me and without taking his cock out of his mouth, he started ejaculating hard.

Even though I will never ejaculate again, I am happy to have had that experience. Position 69, a position I was never very happy with, helped me experience my most intense orgasms, along with multiple ejaculation sessions. It seems that from now on I will not say “step” so easily and I will try to experience more even the positions that do not seem great to me – who knows what surprises may cause me.

I still have to give my husband the credit – if he hadn’t learned how to use the dildo and how to satisfy me with oral sex, I certainly wouldn’t have had that experience.

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