With an escort for a coffee

With an escort for a coffee ☕

What do escorts love: sex or money?

Money convinces us to do this job. Escorts should not be considered sex-loving women. And even if I have sex, that doesn’t mean I love to have sex with all my clients. Many escorts do not feel good with all clients. Only a small part of the escorts really enjoy intimacy with their clients. But in general, for escorts, money is the most important thing, not sex. It is very important to point out that most escorts did not have a choice and that is why they decided to sell their body.

For many people working in this industry, sex is the worst part (not in my case, but from what I’ve noticed, most escorts aren’t as open to sex as I am). Many just want to finish as soon as possible. A small minority of girls enjoy clients and pleasure (as a courtesan, I like certain clients as companions and sexual partners), but again I say: the emphasis is on money.

Of course, I felt good with some clients, but I never agreed to sleep with them for free. The idea that escorts are those horny, “hyper-sexual” women doesn’t really describe reality. I would like more escorts to enjoy their work as I often do, but the reality is that most women who do this job are driven by economic disparities.

What information should an escort get from her client?

With an escort for a coffee

Like us, most customers want to be discreet. They may use fake names because they are married and do not want to risk their identity being known. Anonymity is essential for both escorts and clients. Requesting too much personal information can drive away customers, but there are customers who are happy to reveal their life biography.

I choose my clients by judging them by their e-mail address, by their voice on the phone – please tell them briefly about their age, nationality, and their intentions with me.

Why do escorts avoid revealing their identity?

We are afraid to associate our identity with our profession. Why? This could affect our social mobility, our social relationships. Prostitution, legal or illegal, is still stigmatized. Society has negative, harsh consequences for women who are known to be escorts, so we are forced to keep it a secret.

How to satisfy an escort?

Well, in a bitter way, I would say: don’t be pretentious and don’t annoy her. Many girls complain about clients who do not follow the rules (or limits), such as touching in certain places without permission. Pleasure is a very subjective matter. The pleasure offered to a “normal” woman is very different from the pleasure you give to a woman who is paid to have sex.

And to complicate matters further, everyone’s desires are different. A woman who is paid for sex may not want to be satisfied with her client. Some girls only want money from their clients and refuse to get sexual pleasure. The best customers are the ones who are respectful and don’t expect anything.

Many of my clients are very polite and respectable people, which is why I feel comfortable with them. I favor certain customers who are very kind and allow them to satisfy me in a way that I would forbid others to do. I favor certain clients only because they have earned my trust. I must mention that almost all clients try to give me pleasure, but some people fail to understand the essence of pleasure. Some men believe that a certain sexual technique can be applied to all women. This is completely wrong.

Any sexual experience is very unique and cannot be performed in a uniform act. Remember that all men have their own unique ways of reaching orgasm. And, unfortunately, there are women who are interested in achieving orgasm. More importantly, good sex depends on the emotional and physical chemistry between the participants – chemistry is something that cannot be bought or created – it is a rare beauty that happens between two people. It is best to test the areas slowly and gradually.

If I have to advise a client on “how to have a better experience with an escort” I would suggest the following techniques that clients have done with me: start by offering a relaxing massage. I remember the clients who gave me a complete massage, without immediately touching my erogenous zones. Everything must happen slowly, so that she can anticipate any progress of the passion.

The slow adventure will drive her crazy, and she will want more. Some of my clients were completely disinterested… they didn’t tend to satisfy their sexual needs, but they focused on making me relax. A good lover will explore what she likes about the woman, and will try to lightly kiss different parts of her body. He will be guided. This went to me with some clients, but again, it’s all about chemistry.

Remember that an individual’s desires may also change depending on their mood. Chemistry is the key, but also the escort’s mood is important. Although most clients are good, they are not really attracted to everyone. Sometimes I avoid seeing certain clients, because I know they want to spend their entire date in a state of “girlfriend experience”.

This consists in a romantic “friend” situation, in which the client wants to kiss me, hug me and give me pleasure. Men are very sweet, which seems ideal, but it can be tiring to act like the girlfriend of a man I don’t love. Most of my loyal customers try to please people and that’s why I try to avoid them when I’m in a bad mood. It’s even harder to see clients when I’m in love with someone else. When I’m alone, I find it much easier to work and have fun with my clients.

How to make clients / men love you?

It’s not easy to make a customer love you – it just happens naturally. In my observations, investing in “fake” behavior does not bring benefits or attract healthy people. Be yourself! Love is something we cannot plan or predict. It happens. I tried to experience different behaviors towards my clients. I’ve found that being the way I really am is the best thing.

I tried to analyze the men who love me: why do they love me? I love them because I’m “real” with them. I noticed that the men who loved me were the ones I wasn’t trying to impress. I was indifferent to them at the initial meetings… and I wasn’t really interested in being with them. Maybe my independence is appealing to some men — they find it challenging that I don’t seem to need them.

I would advise women to be neat and bright to make their clients love them, but I can say that I also saw less “polished” girls who had a lot of admirers. I no longer think that the big investment in outdoor beauty can bring many admirers (sure, outdoor beauty could attract men, but it will not be enough for them to kneel in front of you).

What is the difference between an escort and a high class escort?

There is no real difference. The only difference is the marketing and approach of different types of customers. A girl can play two roles: a regular escort which means more clients, lower price; or an “exclusive” high class escort, which means limited clientele and high prices.

However, at the end of the day, a regular escort and a high class escort are the same thing. Services, privacy and beauty are subjective, whether or not an escort is “first class”. I have seen amazing women working for two different agencies… one that is exclusive and very expensive and another with average prices and more clients. There is no rigid limit, as many regular escorts can become courtesans with a more limited clientele. Conversely, a courtesan can easily fall into the social hierarchy of escorts.

Do escorts love to have sex when they are drugged?

I found this question rather strange. This is a terribly wrong analysis. First of all, women who take drugs usually hate sex more than anyone else. They take drugs to deal with the idea of ​​having sex with men they hate. Even high-class escorts will use this method to earn money and forget that men serve.

Why do men go to prostitutes?

Many of my married clients have a similar reasoning: they say they love their wives, but their wives don’t have sex anymore. Or men claim to like variety. Many men marry a woman to start a family, but does that mean they limit the number of “unofficial” women for sexual purposes? Does marriage always translate into good sex? Some men openly say they want “variety” when it comes to sex, while others say it’s their wife’s fault. That’s what I hear from time to time: wives don’t have sex anymore and I don’t think their husbands should have sex anymore. There are a lot of reasons. Some men just need sex, they want nice sex, emotional sex and deep connection. Some men may not be able to express their desires in front of others, so they hope to find solace in the arms of a prostitute.

There are also married men who have sex with their wives, but still want to try something different. Maybe they want to prove that they are still attractive. Many scholars argue that men want to prove that they can be wanted by more women. It is not just their personal desire, but rather the norms of society.

Some clients have told me that it is easier for them to have sex with an escort than to try to hang a woman in the club. It is easier for a man to pay a woman for sex than to persuade a “normal” woman to have sex with him without obligation.

As for another caliber of clients: some are very lonely and interact very little with women. They are not necessarily looking for a prostitute for sex, but rather want intimate company with a woman. These are the types of men who need to be hugged, and in these situations I like to think of myself as a healer. However, in reality, I don’t really help them, because they are looking for love while I am looking for money. I feel compelled to tell these lost souls that they are looking for love in the wrong places.

How can you stay positive while you are an escort?

My only suggestion is to work as little as possible. Don’t work every day! Try to work one day a week, or even less. The sex industry is very exhausting (emotional), especially if this is your only profession. Lately, I’ve only started working once a week or less (sometimes I don’t work for months). However, even though I work minimally, I am still affected by the fact that I lead a secret life and am condemned by society.

The traumas that come with sex for money are not the only problems for a prostitute. In addition, being a prostitute is difficult because of the implications in modern society (stigmatization, incrimination, lack of privileges associated with the normal lifestyle). For years I have been trying to make my life easier. I told myself that I would not let work affect my emotions and touch my soul.

But it’s not always easy. I work less, so I can stabilize my emotions and do happy things, such as being with the people I love. No one, regardless of their profession, can be constantly happy… life is about happiness and sadness. We need to experience these emotions so that we can reflect on our lives.


Do escorts remember their strangest clients?

Yes! How can I forget the man who licked my armpit, or paid me for 8 hours to lick my legs, hands and back without having sex; or the man who paid me to massage but never took off his clothes.

When a group of escorts talk about “weird” clients, it’s very funny. Many girls laugh at the fetishes their clients have. Most of the time, I don’t mind men with weird fetishes and I try to understand their unconventional fixes. It is tragic that certain sexual acts are called “strange” indicating indirectly that some sexual acts are more executed than others. In sex, there should be a variety of desires, so that nothing is considered “strange”. Personally, I like men who have fetishes.

How Much Money Do Escorts Make?

It depends on each girl. In essence, when one has the ability to manipulate and ignore emotions, the amount of money is unlimited. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to ignore our emotions all the time. The two factors that attract money are: charm and emotional sensitivity. I consider myself quite charming in the sense that I am skilled, beautiful and have a dynamic personality, however I am very sensitive from an emotional point of view.

Therefore, I do not work often because many clients stress and overwhelm me. Clients are sometimes lovers, but it’s hard for me to put on a mask and be affectionate with someone I don’t love. I never worked full time as an escort, because I have other things to do in life. I’m motivated to make money to pay my bills, to shop, to see some savings, but I’m not looking for more. In the past, I made more money when my needs were greater because my lifestyle was different from today. If I wanted to, I could work harder and see more clients, but a full-time escort program would lead to suicide. Balance is the key.

What happens if a prostitute meets a client in public?

This has happened to me many times. I had a huge social phobia about running after clients outside of work hours. I was afraid, because they could call me or approach me. And my fears were confirmed when my past clients approached me in public.

I even saw a client when I was shopping with my mother… he was extremely nervous. I don’t want these men to know who I really am in real life. I just want to keep their fantasy, and nothing else. I saw another customer shopping with his wife and children. He saw me look completely different, without any makeup. He came back to see me and told me that he was very happy to look at me while he was with his wife. That’s another reason I don’t want to meet too many new customers – I don’t want to be known. Clients are part of a separate world that I don’t want to interfere with in my personal life.

Is it unhealthy to sleep with an escort?
Is it safe to have sex with an escort?

All escorts use protection when having sex with their clients. Only a crazy / desperate woman would have sex without a condom; and likewise, only a madman would sleep with an escort without a condom. You don’t often hear about high class escorts who have unprotected sex with their clients.

However, if a client and an escort become more intimate and personal, the dynamics can change. Some of my regular clients, whom I have known for years, asked me if we could try without a condom. He trusted me, I guess. But I refused. In general, most escorts are extremely expensive when it comes to their health.

Women who take more risks do so to satisfy their clients’ desires – because for many clients, oral sex with a condom is quite boring. Unfortunately, some escorts do this to get more clients. What these women do not realize is that they make a short-term gain, but they take a long-term risk. As for most escorts, we take minimal risks: we use a condom for sex and oral sex. Therefore, it is not unhealthy to sleep with an escort if she uses protection during intercourse.

Given that there is a minimum of skin-to-skin contact, sleeping with a high-class escort can be a bit “unsatisfactory” from a client’s perspective. I use the word “unsatisfactory” because sex with a prostitute is often physical, with no real intimacy. Amazing sex is based on stimulating the mind and body. Thus, sex between a client and a prostitute does not have an essential stimulation of the mind.

After all, how exciting and delicious can sex be without deep kisses, touches? These “delicious” acts are risky for customers, but many customers require it. They want the sex to be as real as possible. They want their escort to behave like their girlfriends: they want to have oral sex, kiss their lips and feel their mouth over their “manhood”.

There is enormous pressure for escorts to go beyond safety limits to make their clients happy. Many clients prefer cheaper women because cheap women are supposed to do “more” for “less” (so the risk is high). These men miss the essence of a pleasant sex, because pleasure is based on connection (not how much or how little she is willing to do). There are also very high priced escorts who do everything for a limited clientele. This puts tremendous pressure on women in the industry: how easy is it for a woman to maintain her safety, comfort, and success?

Do escorts have rules / restrictions?

Yes, customers play by our rules, not theirs. However, there is an irony in this statement. Most escorts promote themselves as “customer needs” women, but in reality they set boundaries. Each girl is unique for what she offers, in terms of her services. They all offer sex, but they do it in different ways. For example, limits / restrictions may include: no kissing, only light kissing, oral sex with a condom only, no oral sex, no touch between the legs.

I personally do not kiss my clients passionately, but I must admit that I have given up many limits occasionally, with some beautiful, delicious clients. As mentioned above, most clients require more risky services (unprotected oral sex), unfortunately, a lot of escorts will endanger their health to make more money. It annoys me when a potential client, who has never seen me before, asks me if I have oral sex without a condom. Also, most clients ask me to kiss between the legs, which seems flattering, but I can’t help but wonder: don’t clients realize how many men have touched my body so far? How do they know I’m “clean”? What I’ve come to realize is that many men are excited about the idea that a woman is “dirty.” By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Prostitutes may advertise or make porn movies to attract more clients, but the reality is that they cannot perform uniform techniques with every man they meet. Human sexuality is not uniform. Sure, we have restrictions, but they are strongly influenced by the chemistry we have with our clients. It is foolish to believe that a prostitute can give the ultimate pleasure to every client.


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