Alina escorts stories

Alina escorts stories

I know everyone will judge me and so far no one has written anything like this on this site, but I still need advice I have no one to talk to… My name is Alina I am 27 years old and I have been an escort for 3 years. I started doing this out of curiosity, I had a lot of friends who did this thing and I saw that they had money, clothes, they went out often, I was upset that I didn’t have such a thing.

Then she went with a girl named Sanda to take me with her to Germany, of course I ran away from her because my family doesn’t know anything so far what they do, they think I’m with a German that I’m in a relationship and how many more. Finally, I left, it was hard for me but I continued that I had my money and it was better.

I don’t want to write a lot to bore you so I’m going straight to the point, here I met a boy my age, I spent a night with him and I already seemed to know him for a lifetime, I was in love. What the? a prostitute can’t love? he came to me every day, he was already a little more, I was in a relationship with him, I loved him and he loved me, he took me home to him… no one accepts me and no one wants me.

I am now in the country with him, we live in a studio, I don’t do what I used to do anymore, he only works, we want to get married but everyone is against it, we have reached the end of our powers, I am fed up with so much quarrel with his family we will get over it with a little patience but I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel like giving up but I love him too much; We’ve been together for almost 3 years, what can I do to wipe everything with a sponge? he doesn’t talk to his people because of me because he wants to stay with me, we want to have a child and maybe the waters will calm down, what can be done? Alina escorts stories…

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