The husband go to escorts

The husband who goes to escorts over the years, I had to talk to several spouses/client partners

A client’s wife called me. The husband go to escorts paying for sex. She discovered that her husband was cheating on her with me, and maybe with others. Over the years, I have had to talk to several spouses / client partners. Strangely enough, they don’t insult me ​​on the phone, as many of you probably think. I usually hear I know it’s your job, and I know you’re probably doing it for money, so I’m not mad at you.

The hardest thing for me is when during the phone conversation, the children’s cries can be heard in the background. The last three wives who contacted me told me at one point Can you wait a bit? while trying to reassure her baby.

I heard small children making noise to catch their mother’s attention, while their mother was emotionally devastated because she had just discovered that her husband was cheating on her. It’s such a tragic scenario.

Until recently, I quickly ended my discussions with my clients’ friends.married men visit prostitutes I denied that I knew their spouses and told them this was my job. I always see married men and I don’t ask them questions about their personal life. I’m sorry, but I have nothing more to say.

The husband go to escorts
The husband go to escorts

But recently, when a sad wife called me, I couldn’t stay insensitive. I felt awful for the woman at the other end of the line. She had just given birth and found out that her husband was cheating on her with another woman. I wanted to cry with her.

What makes these women even more confusing is the fact that most of the time, their husbands are sweet – some of my married clients are very kind, generous and loving, husband has been sleeping. But if someone is at risk of destroying other people to make them feel good, is he really a good man? How can one deceive a person whom he claims to love?

But not all scenarios are the same. Indeed, there are many cases in which men cheat because they are selfish and do not appreciate what they have at home. And there are other cases where couples no longer have sex and there is no chemistry between partners – and the husband goes to escorts to satisfy his sexual desires, cheat on their partners.

Things are not as they seem

The irony I discovered is that many married clients have very beautiful wives. Yes, beautiful women are usually cheated. It’s ironic that many people mistakenly believe that being beautiful is enough to keep your partner happy – women often have this misconception.

Sexual intercourse has very little to do with physical appearance – unfortunately, many people do not realize this. We live in a world where people think they will find sexual chemistry in those people who look sexy – being sexy on the outside has nothing to do with being sexy on the inside – there are internal qualities that transfer sexual energy between two bodies.

Some clients show me pictures of their family and wives. Some even showed me their profiles on social networking sites where they have pictures of all the family members.

Ironically, many of my married clients pose as if they had the perfect family. I recently searched for one of the clients to see if it uses a real name or not. By chance I came to the profile of his fiancée.

I saw a lot of cute pictures with them. Unfortunately, she did not know that her future husband was traveling to another country to meet an escort for me.

I imagine that those who look at her profile envy her and want to have a life like hers… but few know that her perfect relationship is actually awful because her husband has sex with other women.

This proves once again that there are a lot of men who cheat, even if they pose as perfect wives. I’ve met a lot of sad men who seem to have a perfect life on social networking sites. That’s why I always try to emphasize that things are not always what they seem.

Why is the man cheating on his girlfriend?

One day I decided to talk to a married client about this. I told her about the latest phone calls I received from my spouses. I have known this man for 6 years, so I felt comfortable talking to him about this sensitive subject after all and he is married. I asked him why. Why are you coming to see me?

Just like he told me before, he kept telling me that his wife didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. Although, in these 6 years since we met, they have had a baby together. His wife agreed to have sex with him only to conceive a child.

I then asked him if you and your wife had sex more often, would you still feel the need to go to other women? Then he explained to me that if he had sex with his wife, he would have no reason to go to bed with other women, sleeping with prostitutes.

He added. But since I’ve known you for a long time, it would be hard for me not to see you now. And I told him I hope that one day you won’t have to see me. Then I asked him about his wife – like other men, he told me that she is very beautiful physically, but he lacks the desire to have sex. What to do in this case? There is no simple answer.

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