The Secretary’s Orgasm: Achieving Maximum Satisfaction

The secretary’s orgasm

Camy. she is 27 years old and has been a psychotherapist secretary for 2 years.The secretary’s orgasm. She is a beautiful, blonde, and attractive young lady. She’s unmarried, and she’s just as obsessed with sex as the men and women who come to the office. From the age of 17 he wanted to be a psychotherapist, to hear married women unloading their souls, telling them all their shameless dreams and experiences. Just like taking off her panties in front of her. Don’t forget what D said: men tell sexual stories that they haven’t had, and women have sexual adventures that they don’t talk about. And so it was. free secretary orgasm

Miss Camy is with Sandra now. Sandra is married, she is 37 years old, red with freckles, not very beautiful, but with a curly hair on her shoulders and some splendid legs. He doesn’t show his age at all. Sandra has something on her mind. That’s why it’s psychotherapy. But she’s shy and embarrassed. He looked at Camy.
And he whispers:
-I don’t know how to tell you… Camy smiles.

-Well, whatever you want. I’m here to listen to you. secretary orgasm porn videos.
Sandra flips on the couch. Camy looks at her beautiful, well-shaved legs. She thinks the girl is a little neurotic. It’s summer and that Sandra is wearing some very chic white sandals. Camy is upset and already feels waves of wet heat between her legs. Sandra is one of the sexiest patients in her office.
Sandra straightened her voice. And gain courage. Then he starts telling stories.

– In January, I was moved to work with a new accountant, Amy. A sexy brunette, although a bit thin, and married too. For about 32 years. Strange, that I arrived with her, I will tell you, that at first I was very unpleasant… Then with her in the office, just the two of us, I started to smell her…. How can I tell you?… It gave off a strange lily scent mixed with something sexual, something that made me nauseous and… sexual arousal at the same time.

I was mad at myself. How the hell can I get aroused by another woman? Me, married woman, with baby? In addition, one or two talked about her sexual experiences (she had a lover). She was giving me rough details and I was stopping her. He apologized, then started over. She was a little carried away. Several times I thought about asking to be moved to another sector… but something secret attracted me to Amy…

Sandra stopped and drank water. Camy took a deep breath. A great sexual arousal rose in her. She’s already thinking what it’s like for this Sandra to masturbate…
-But continue, please? What happened between you? secretary orgasm videos.
Camy sighed.
– God… I don’t even know how to say… At home my husband kind of neglected me, you know what I mean, so I was very tense… And I think that Amy felt me, women have such a radar in them… That one day, almost at the end of the program, the girl looks I don’t know how to me, red in the face and breathing hard she tells me that I have nice legs, like a young girl, so she said… and if it would bother me if I let her caress them !!…

I jumped out of my chair and left without a word. My head was spinning. I didn’t know what to do, I was terrified, but underneath I felt a heavy sexual arousal, like I had never had before, and guiltily I felt like I was getting all wet… I couldn’t sleep at night, and I didn’t have sex with my husband . I was constantly thinking about my colleague Amy and her attack. I couldn’t sleep: I thought non-stop what it would be like if Amy took off my panties. Then at four in the morning, in the bathroom, I epilated… there.

Completely. I hadn’t done that before. I, a serious and married woman, had taken off any pubic hair and was now looking in the mirror at my thick-lipped vulva, which was now indecently exposed. Woman’s lips, “petals of pleasure.” And the clitoris. Like the women on the adult site. It wasn’t like me. It was weird and voluptuous. Why was I doing this? I don’t know… I don’t know… Was a lesbian living in me?

Camy flinched, too. Already from the woman’s confessions, she feels a great heat in her womb.
-Continue please…
Sandra drinks water and sighs.

-It was May and hot. In the morning I epilated my legs as well. And I also made my feet velvety with pons stone. Something inside me was screaming to experience this: another woman’s mouth touching my sex. My sexual arousal this morning was enormous. I felt my vulva swollen, almost painful. There was an enormous shame in me along with an enormous need to be touched by a woman. I mean, my colleague Amy.
Sandra sighs again. And Camy feels like she’s exploding.

The secretary’s orgasm
secretary’s orgasm

-Everything happened in the archive. I felt like I wanted to. Amy hadn’t told me anything sexual this morning. No challenge. I was nervous, tense, and a little disappointed. In the afternoon, I searched the files for files in the archives. I was very nervous. It was three o’clock, only the guard was in the building, three stories below. Then suddenly she appeared, colleague Amy. She asked me if I wanted her to help me find me. My goosebumps were full of emotions like I had never felt before. It was so hot in my stomach.

I saw her lock the room door with the key. Then, smiling, she clung to me, she was very hot, and without any introduction, she kissed me lightly on the mouth. While he hugged me with one hand. A heavy pleasure exploded in me, which flowed like lava to my feet, and I half-opened my mouth and mingled our tongues. God, I wasn’t dreaming, I was kissing a woman! Amy did not smoke and her mouth was very clean and sweet. A little gum menthol. Then he told me he wanted to see if my pussy was as sweet.

I felt great chills, and she was already falling in front of me. I had a zippered skirt. At first he started running his palms on my feet, from my ankles up to my thighs. Her hands were small and hot, and I felt like a small twitch in my stomach, and I immediately felt secretions of arousal dripping from my vagina. So Amy caressed my legs and whispered that she liked what silky skin I had. Then she took off my skirt. And, God, I was in the panties in front of her. Then he touched me there with two fingers inserted into my sex. It’s like he electrocuted me.

Then she pulled down my panties completely, and now I was ready with her pussy in front of her. She let out a horny giggle and told me that my vulva looked very good, my head was squeaking, I was so ashamed but in me it was also a great pleasure, then she started to walk her lipstick on my thighs and In her womb she was biting me with her mouth like a snail but she was avoiding my sex, and I was dying and moaning, so standing, sweating in the archive and when her mouth clung to my clitoris and two fingers went deep into my vagina, I know I have I grabbed her by the hair and I felt like fire needles in the saddle and I let go in a strangely torturous orgasm as intense as I had with my husband.

Sandra is red from memory now. I drink some water. surprise sex secretary orgasm.
Camy is also red, aroused to the full by the hot story of the unknown woman. It was getting louder and louder.
-Continue please…
Camy took a deep breath.

-Well, I lifted my panties, put on my skirt and I know I was a little sick. I wanted to vomit. She kissed me, and told me I was beautiful. Then he immediately started with others. I mean, she’d like to do a threesome with me — to accept a guy’s blowjob, and she’d see that she hadn’t done that before. He was a 22-year-old student and he showed me his picture on the phone. And he also has that phantom of being licked by a 37-year-old woman that another licks. Then he showed me the naked boy and he had a cock as big as a banana…

Camy feels the burst of excitement growing in her like a storm.
-And did you make the combination?
Sandra sighs.
– Yes… I didn’t sleep after the orgasm in the archives for three days. Of course I said I don’t do that, but… I was drugged by Amy and her sick eroticism.

In 8 days I had to go to work on Saturday. Amy was there with the student. Amy made the introductions. The boy kissed my hand, that’s how ceremonious… It was weird…

I shivered again, and I felt dizzy. Amy wasn’t playing at all. I wanted to tell them I wouldn’t stay, but Amy was ready to stick her mouth to mine. We answered and slammed our mouths in front of him, who was staring at us. He hadn’t been with two women either.

Then Amy locked the desk and pulled out an armchair and sat me down on it, and I let myself be manipulated by her like a sex doll while my vagina bit my fluid again… Then Amy got rid of my panties… and I lifted my legs over the arms of the armchair, cracked. In the morning sun, my shaved vulva looked like porn. And I know that all shame was gone from me deci so I was barefooted without panties in front of them and they were staring at my belly… Then Amy started masturbating my clit with one hand and anus with the other and I arched and moaned and I heard her say to the boy, come on, now you give her up, she wants this combination a lot, God, how she spoke, but I had become a slut on the armchair and in those movies she took out her erect limb and came to me, and she gasped. , And at first I thought he was saying God but he didn’t moan I was the mature lady from his porn dreams…
Camy feels faint with excitement. Sandra, who was married with an innocent face, described a sexual combination.
The woman stopped talking, red as fire
-God what the hell are you saying…
Camy smiled tensely.
-Woe to me, but we’re women, ma’am. I don’t have to say… but I did that too… Continue, please? So the boy was with his penis out?
-God, yes. He then clung to me… and started running his organ on my cheeks on my forehead in my hair. As Down Amy had put his tongue in his pussy and licking me, and the porcous combination in which I disgrace me as a child was such a great pleasure that I had a great pleasure that I had begun to jam and give the ass, and he was geming with a 37-year-old lady letting herself be licked there by another but also accepting that he rub his cock in front of her…
Camy was panting more and more. Something warm was rising in her womb. As if in a dream he could still hear the woman talking, but between her legs her vulva was swollen with tension and an insane thought shot her an arrow.

-But tell me, I’m listening to you… So, what else did he do? Did he ejaculate?
Sandra’s face was red now.

-Not. I caressed his penis with my tongue, and I know that organ had become huge next to me, I had never seen anything like it before, and I remember looking into his eyes and asking him to shove it in me, just like that. -I said I’m a woman and I can’t anymore… God, I was asking for a kiss together… And Amy chuckled and stepped aside, he got on his knees between my thighs and pushed that phallus into my vagina that had been lit by mouth to the back… And it started to make come in me, God an unknown boy was pumping me deep in front of a woman who was looking greedily at my loan, it was fixed as in my dreams at 18… and I cried out for a pleasure so much I thought I was dying…

The exclamation was legitimate because Camy, trembling, had risen to her feet, stood up, and had lifted her dress and lowered her pink panties. He stared at her panting. Shamelessly exposing a white, rather lazy belly beneath which was an epilated vulva with extremely swollen lips. He moaned spasmodically. The woman’s sex smelled of perfume and estrogen.

-Your story… killed me… Please help me… please… Caress her… Caress her… Caress her…
Sandra pushed her.
-But aren’t you ashamed?

But, herself aroused by her story, she bends over and for the next five minutes Sandra caresses Camy’s overexcited sex, one hand clutching her clit and the other pushing three fingers into the woman’s vulva that smelled of perfume and follicle. Until Camy orgasmed hard next to her, standing like that. Squeezing with great pleasures.
Then he fell back into his chair, panting with his panties down. featured while secretary orgasm.

Then she arranged her dress, muttering:
-Lady, thank you… Thank you

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