What does swing

What does “swing” mean and how is it done?


“Swing” means impulse in English,What does swing, a more than appropriate term, given that you must be impulsive enough to try this activity. The exchange of partners, as it is, has been popular since the time of the European, who are known for their orgies, what does swing mean in music.
Most followers of this trend prefer to “exchange partners” only with very close friends. Thus, they choose to “swing” only with those couples they know very well and already have a special relationship of friendship or even love.
For the most open-minded, there are specialized swing clubs, where you can find couples willing to exchange, in this way it is a simple one-night stand. many of those who choose to do so are eccentric and unprejudiced, these are two prerequisites if you want to be successful.
If you and your partner want to try, keep in mind some basic rules that you should not violate in any way, as long as you want everything to be fine:
1. Don’t get too involved, you’ll lose control.
2. Detachment is the key to success, live the moment and do not let yourself be influenced by the preconceived ideas of others, do you swing meaning.
3. Keep these experiences for yourself, do not tell your loved ones about your new experiences, otherwise you risk being hit by the prejudices of others.


It’s clear that partner sharing isn’t for everyone, so don’t do it if you’re not sure it’s what you really want. It would be best to think twice before you get down to business, have a serious discussion with your partner and make a decision together, swing synonym.

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