Sex with sister in law

Sex with sister in law

It was a long weekend with a holiday and my wife’s sister was coming to visit us, Sex with sister in law we live with my in-laws in the same yard. Sex with sister-in-law
Saturday night we decided to go out in the city to meet some friends, we go to the restaurant….

Amalia arrived on Thursday morning, the baby moved in with her mother-in-law, she was with us all day, Jessica was messy all day, I don’t know why I had crazy sex last night, I fucked her in all positions, in the morning she changed her bed linen so as not to see the traces, wife sexier sister in law.

Finally, Amalia was wearing a tight-fitting tracksuit with an equally tight T-shirt, her big dads looked like balloons, her ass the same. I served her a coffee, Jessica didn’t want to, and we started talking. you didn’t sleep well.

But you ? I ask her, are you fucked? Did your husband come? He told me that he didn’t come and that he really lacked sex, that he was still satisfied with the vibrator, but one real thing is something else.

Sex with sister in law
Sex with sister in law

Tonight I want you to fuck me, to fuck me well, I miss your cock, I want you to suck it, fuck my ass to do what you want with me ……
Towards evening Jessica also recovered, I was sitting by a glass of wine, Jessica was stroking my leg, she was climbing higher and higher, Amalia went to put some more wine, I tell her Jessica, stay calm, she’s getting up, as if she was doing it intentionally and continuously to press between the legs, meanwhile the cock was concrete.

Suddenly she says you woke up darling, last night she broke up, you fucked me all night, to see you tonight, there are two of us, let’s see what you’re doing, Amalia sat down next to us too, I was among them, Jessica guided Amalia to give me an oral while I lick Jessica’s, Amalia got on her knees, opened my pants and took it in her mouth, she didn’t let go until I emptied myself and filled her mouth with cum, Jessica had a little more and it’s over too, hm how good it is, I like it when I lick my pussy until I have an orgasm, sister in law porn videos.

I finished the wine, and I went up to the bedroom, I had sex with the sisters until late, Jessica fell asleep first, and Amalia still had energy for a round, after she took it in her mouth I felt it start to rise again, she went up me and she rode until we finished together, we fell exhausted in bed and we fell asleep too, in the morning we all three woke up in the same bed we were all naked, Jessica looks gorgeous with her silicones, Amalia as well as her huge tits, I was still exhausted from last night, my cock didn’t show up, Jessica and Amalia went downstairs to prepare breakfast, Jessica was going to go with her father-in-law to buy something for the barbecue.

Amalia and I stayed at home, of course the bitch warmed me up so long that it didn’t last long and we woke up in bed, I want you to fuck between my tits, she took me in her mouth and sucked vigorously, I lay on the bed she and I fucked her for good minutes, girl yes yes fuck hard, I stopped abruptly because I felt like I was coming, Amalia says, put it between my tits, fuck between my tits, let go of my face, come on, sister in law backseat pt.

I tucked them between her breasts, she squeezed them left and right, she spat to slide better and sighed, yes yes I have long wanted her between my tits, I increased the pace and I was breathing harder and harder, I felt it approaching at the end, I want to suck her scream, damio in her mouth, and after a few seconds I took it out of her mouth and the jets of cum dripped on her face, she was full of cum, the drops were dripping on her breasts, the whole girl was with semen, and in It looks like she was in action when the bedroom door opened, she was the mother-in-law who was stuck when she saw us in action, Amalia with cum on her face, me with her cock up in her mouth, she sat for a few seconds and looked at us, he returned and left.

Amalia went to the shower and then went over to see her mother-in-law, after Jessica arrived I told her what had happened and she also went to her mother.
It’s been about three hours since the girls came back, I’m waiting for them in the living room, what are you doing, says Jessica, I’m waiting for them to answer.
You’re very relaxed, we’re kind of taken care of, and you have no business, sexy wife sexier sister.

They told him all in the mother-in-law, that Nams fucked in three, that Jessica knew the Amalia …. He held morality for about 3 hours, not to repeat or know the father-in-law or husband.

Amalia says Jessica, I already have the chef to fuck dear, how do we say a madness, Jessica seems like a wait, but do we do tomorrow when we go back from the city, today we are good girls and listen to my mother, tomorrow is crazy day, sexier sister in law ch.

We went out on Saturday, we had fun until late at night, when all three of us got home drunk, we continued with the fun at home, sex, drink and sex again, I fucked each other, they both sucked my cock, I fucked her Jessica from behind, Amalia was standing in front of her to give her tongues, I was exchanging, Jessica says, fuck her in the ass, fuck her and fuck her, Amalia yes darling, fuck her in the ass, you closed the door so that she wouldn’t come and her mother says Amalia.

I positioned myself behind her and I started to penetrate her ass, she screamed like crazy, Jessica said, yes, fuck her, because she likes her ass, fuck her well, I felt like I was done, , fill my ass Jessica shouted, at that moment I could feel the jets pouring into Amalia’s ass, ohh how hot it is, ohh how well you fuck me in the ass, I love it like crazy, I fell exhausted in bed, from sex, from alcohol, I I went in the shower with Jessica, I washed her, and she washed me, what do you like to fuck my sister, but I also like it when all three of us fuck… ..

I went into the bedroom, Amalia went in the shower and went to the guest room, only Jessica couldn’t sleep, she was filmed well, very vulgar, darling I want to fuck, I want more cock, I want to fuck me again, a he took it in his mouth and didn’t let it go until he got up again, I took her in my arms and put her on his cock, I was standing, the madwoman started screaming, I think my in-laws also heard, she had A mega orgasm after a few minutes of fucked, shouted I can not leave down, I can not, after 20 minutes he returned and fell asleep.

In the morning I went downstairs Jessica was still sleeping, Amalia was having coffee, what did you do to her sister, darling for screaming like that, you said you were beating her, she was just shouting fuck me, fuck me, where do you take the baguette to scream like that.


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