A pleasure with my son’s colleague

I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror.A pleasure with my son’s colleague, after all, I lived the most disastrous day of my life. I am 41 years old, a 19-year-old son of a student and a man who has been away for 3 weeks and will be gone for another 10 months.

A pleasure with my son's colleague
A pleasure with my son’s colleague

My husband called me only once! My son is a proud man, tall, athletic and very strong, he entered Mathematics-Informatics and is also the best programmer in the country, he took I don’t know what international prize and a lot of money and everyone pulls him to hire him . It’s just that he always refuses them and tells them that he has to finish college first. I tell you all this because I have a feeling of guilt that does not give me peace. I am a simple woman, an accountant at a small company, serious and appreciated.

I’m not beautiful either. Two years ago a colleague of my son moved in with us, after a few weeks he took me in his arms to say “good night” after he had been following me through the kitchen all evening. mine, climbing up again and stopping on my hot and horny dads.

In the kitchen at the table I accidentally clung to it and felt the huge erection press me, the heat wave that rose inside me to make me lose my mind, I extended the contact so pleasant until I felt like ma ud. In bed, next to my snoring husband, I revisited all evening and realized that everything I had lived until then was false, that life has other parts and is made up of beautiful things that can make sense. I didn’t fold down and slipped into the bathroom, took off my panties and smelled them and smelled my liquid.
The second time I thought I was crazy 1 year and 6 months ago my husband had just come and I was preparing dinner.

I went up to call my son and his friend to the table, my son said he was not coming but in his friend’s room or I saw through the crack in the door he was changing his panties he turned to the door and I saw his cock, he was shaved, the careful cock was twice as long as her husband’s cock, both in length and thickness. I went dizzy when I got to the kitchen, I sat down and my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. I ate quietly, after dinner my husband said he would leave for at least 6 months and went to the bedroom. I winked at my son’s colleague, and noticed how he was watching me.

I was not persuasive, I was not experienced, I did not know what to do, I just felt that in his presence my pussy was shaking and eating me in a pleasant way. I leaned over the table to wipe and I noticed him trying to look at my cleavage. I had opened myself to two buttons of heat. to stay in it as long as possible, his cock was hard and big I could feel it on my whole hip God, what can I do!

Last night he came to me in the bedroom, I was reading on the lamp he asked me to receive him in bed because he can’t sleep I put the blanket aside and made room for him I turned off the light and stretched out his hand on his back he stretched out on top of me, I felt his palm open and he hugged my breast I froze he went down to my lap, he lifted them up to my head and I helped him pass over my head the shirt trembled with impatience and emotion palm she went down to her pussy, she parted my legs it’s not good what we do please leave me my words were insecure, trembling, whispering Yes I love you

-But I’m your friend’s mother! I couldn’t continue I didn’t have the strength to resist and the will didn’t climb on me and I immediately bent my knees I felt the huge cock’s head, looking for my hole and I lifted my ass helping me pierce causing me a huge but pleasant pain AaaaaaH, it hurts AAAAAAAAAAAAAH What are you doing? the huge cock broke me in two and I thought I was dying for pleasure for the first time I felt pleasure with the cock deep inside me the feeling was unmatched. It started to move slowly in me the cock that had split me making me happy to run and move too but I was giving my ass lightly I woke up muttering God what am I doing ?!

And now, in the middle of the night, I feel like a fool, I look in the mirror and wonder if I’m going to do it or not. My open robe reveals a pair of straight, large, but not exaggerated, tits, the nipples of which naughtily push forward. She wrapped her breasts in heavy elastic palms, I filled my palms with them but I have small palms, I always had beautiful breasts, no stripes under them only at the right nipple you can see a little redness…

Under the insanity I struggled and shouted at him to stop but I liked it too, he had started to like me especially because I felt his cock splitting wildly in an attempt to penetrate me his stronger legs had spread my legs and his arms I was staring at the bedding. My dry pussy prevented his cock from penetrating me directly when he took my nipple between his lips. His palms went down on my thighs which I had instinctively lifted. and in vain I was still struggling, my cock entered everything and I felt full and satisfied for the first time in my life – and yet it was abnormal.

I was the friend’s mother, but how pleasant it was I felt dizzy and unexpected heat struck me, I gave in to the pleasure, I did not oppose but I did not participate I left him and I felt his cock sliding slowly inside me , without pain, being anointed by the abundant liquid that flowed from me, I raised my legs and above, making it easier for him to penetrate, I felt his hands embracing my shoulders, crawling into my cock and again my lips embracing my nipple and sucking he was still violent, he was pleasant ..

He sat on top of me and unconsciously grabbed him by the neck and pulled him towards me. How stupid I was !!!!

The orgasm that engulfed me was a real one, I felt it until the last cell in my body I was shaking and writhing in my son’s colleague’s cock, with a pleasure unknown until then I wanted it deeper even though I felt his big, thick and vain cock that his lips were all inside me, squeezing my breasts and sucking my nipples burned like burning coals, the hands with which he had touched my thighs but which I now felt squeezing my pieces triggered my second orgasm I felt like I was going crazy I didn’t think it was possible for pleasure, nor did I suspect that you could have two orgasms in each other and their intensity almost fainted.

And then I felt his cock jerking inside me, thickening and throwing jets of hope, one after another with a force that scared me.
-Leave me, let me know that I can’t be finished anymore, I was rebelling with the last flashes of consciousness my eyes had fallen but the confusion persisted, I didn’t know where to go, I hesitated and didn’t know why. But I understood that I was the only one who had to show me the way and follow it.

That was two nights ago, now I’m almost naked in front of the mirror and I’m still wondering whether or not to put my ant’s ant inside, I still feel his hands on my pieces pulling me in his cock that I really want to split again-O Lord, what am I doing! I don’t want to be wrong! If I’m wrong! AH God, how good and beautiful everything was, I can’t control myself.
I go into his bedroom, and I reach the edge of the bed blindly, I hear his calm breath, the flesh trembles on me, the shirt I don’t know why I wore shakes, the curtains on the open window tremble, I’m scared and I suddenly decide to leave feeling just a strong hand that grips my wrist… I think I faint from fear and suddenly I hear his clear, sonorous voice …

-Why do you want to leave stay, come !! he pulls me hard, I don’t resist when I lie down on the bed next to him the blanket is pushed aside and I squat in his arms his hand goes down and lifts my useless shirt over my head receive the mouth, my hand goes alone over his neck which I cling to impatiently. shoot slowly but insistently at him
Come on, you whisper, I want your dads, come on.

I ride him awkwardly, he places me with his hands on my pieces, I feel his thick and big cock with his huge head resting on my navel, he pulses pleasantly.
Take it in your hand, I listen to it, my palm can’t hold it, curse it, pull its skin down, I listen to it, curl it and I listen to it.
You like? I nod like crazy, I can’t talk about how happy I am.
-Can you put it on yourself? I nod again, God, how beautiful and how thick… is the first dick I touch. My husband’s thumb I never touched is only half of his cock. When my husband deflowered me I did not feel any pressure, no pain, everything was without history. I, raised at the orphanage, thought then that it was normal for all men to have the same dick.

How will I know? Quote naivety, or stupidity !? God, what a magnificent cock he has, thick, long, vain, with a big head and incredibly strong, as if it were made of steel, how glad I am that I came, how happy I am that I let myself be fucked.
I put it between her parted lips, making room for the hole. gradually as I descended, the pleasure was crazy I descended in spite of the pain until I reached his pubis my bone rubbed against his bone, he waved to me to get up and I listened to him halfway he pulled me in downstairs, he forced me to climb with his palms, and I immediately understood the movement, giving my ass in a lively rhythm.

Don’t hold back, let go, I listened to him and the liquids burst out screaming and moving on his cock but only from his ass he had caught a nipple with his lips and he didn’t want to let go anymore he suddenly bit me hard on a hardened breast my vision disappeared for a moment.

It’s morning!! At any time I turn 9 I try to gather and I am alone in bed, naked room has a slight smell of sex, sweat, smelly liquids I get up and open the window I hear noise and return without covering my emptiness modesty he’s gone, shame on me too, I can’t care but he can’t be ashamed I can barely control myself when you walk into the room leaving the door open behind him, with a cup of coffee in each hand I walk towards him, he only has boxers, I’m naked but I’m next to him, I grab him by the neck and I get up on my toes to kiss him he has no way to retaliate, my hands are busy and I take full advantage of pushing my pussy into his huge erection I moan, I moan loudly when he puts his tongue in my mouth we both breathe hard.

Leave the cups on the table, drink, come on, I can’t wait anymore, I pulled him to the bed and I collapsed with him on top, I gave a huge shout to his cock, like a huge log penetrated me until the end we fucked desperately and without respite, time did not matter, I had a certain number of orgasms and I think I tried various positions. For the first time I was pierced by a dick on my back God !! I thought I was going crazy with pleasure, that knows all the wonders made me lean on my elbows and knees, not to spread my legs too far but to lift my ass I was after the third orgasm my pussy was wet, wet because I was eager, after so much drought in which my husband had kept me, it was normal, I had no more worries, no more shame than cravings and lusts.

Before inserting his cock he caressed me nicely on the back on the hips, he touched my pieces and ran his palm over his swollen lips and trembling with excitement he stopped, he passed his cock head over his lips full of liquids, he anointed her as good as possible but I didn’t put an immediate one in the hole with one hand he was holding my mouth and with the other he was walking his cock on my lips
You like? I was dying of curiosity, it was so beautiful and strange that I could barely breathe emotion! It’s big enough not to push, leave me alone

How do you want me to do what you want me to do, tell me what you want… I turned my head towards him and waited quietly I was out of breath his cock head, huge he had covered my hole and was trying to enter me, but he entered hard despite the abundant liquids .
He had warned me, but I didn’t have time to push hard, his cock pierced my spine and I felt his pubis.
AH AH my cry filled the room completely filled me with his big and thick cock, the cry of unspeakable pleasure, not of pain that I only felt in the past.

YES YES AH YES I want more, I was moaning and screaming and I could barely breathe and I didn’t want to, I nodded forcing him to withdraw his cock until he was left with his head between his lips, he pushed hard and I felt the same pleasure flooding me with here before I had only pleasures his exits from me were rare, his entrances, his deep penetrations and every time the pleasure was the same, immense but I kept moving on his cock, instinctively, I countered him without force but exactly when I put it and I was accompanying his penetration with a long, slow, tireless counter and with a window of pleasure he stretched out over me covering me and wrapping my fathers in my palms, he kneaded them slowly and he pulled me from them what a feeling God!

I thought I was in Paradise, the orgasm enveloped me like a wave of happiness and contentment, I don’t even think I felt it any other way slowly and I thought there was no better kiss. from my head I thought I was suffocating with happiness I closed my eyes and for the first time in my life I knew what it means happiness suddenly exploded .. its seed spread in me, warm and thick magnifying my feeling I was alive and living! We had no other goal but not to stop, to continue as much as possible.

I called my husband yesterday. Briefly, comprehensively and very categorically, I announced that I had filed for divorce and that on my return we would have to have a meeting with a notary in the presence of lawyers. I closed immediately.

It wasn’t a big surprise to me. I’m not mad at her. Fate wanted it so I wasn’t a proper male and probably in my absence she found out what it means to be a woman and want to fuck you. She has a precise lover but I wonder who might want her so much. It’s insignificant that woman in the evening, yes, pay, without a touch of spark – in the end, it’s no longer my business. I am still grateful to him for enduring so many years and especially for giving me a son of whom I am so proud. It is the embodiment of what I could not be but I have wanted all my life. From the United Kingdom I did not return home immediately, I left for the Emirates. The money was like a magnet to me and I am determined to give my son, when I return, an amount he never dreamed of.

The surprise I had at the airport greeted me, as I expected only my son bath brother, the man who was waiting for me, handsome and strong young man impressed me. He took my luggage and I got in his car an occasional Opel to have when he realize that he can afford a real luxury car. I went home and on the way he told me that his wife had already moved into an apartment in Cotroceni (listen to her!). He lived in a small two-room apartment where the students live today, no.

The documents were on the table, the meeting was scheduled at the notary in 30 days. I entered with a lawyer and sat waiting for her who was late. It was a warm spring, the end of May, when a young Miss entered the room, with a long BOB haircut, with satirical blonde hair with red hair, a white checkered blouse with large plaids, navy blue transparent but not exaggerated, under which her fathers could not be seen in her bra. The blouse was arranged over a short skirt, almost round pieces and completed with a pair of beautiful legs endlessly. The heels of her white sandals made her very tall. She took off her sunglasses, which had covered half of her face, and I realized that I knew her from somewhere, she was vaguely familiar to me. She was accompanied by a man in a “business” suit. The notary spoke for about 5 minutes, explaining the situation, at the end he asked if I agreed, and the young lady replied that she did not want anything else. Out of stupidity I was an idiot looking after her, she was my wife.

And that was all, but in the end, when we had to sign the documents, I was surprised again. The Emirates needed a Director General for Eastern Europe and I accepted the job. The wife came completely changed, in a Deux-Pieces, styled with a sophisticated braided tail, the men’s shirt open in front until close to the belt leaves the breasts almost completely visible. I stared like a fool and did not understand how it was possible not to see the devil in her. It was breathtaking! He looked at me like a worm, signed the sign on it, and left the room, seconded by a lawyer, leaving behind a cloud that was suffocating me.

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