I’m crazy about sex

Fantasies and perversions, but what is perversion? I think everything that is pleasant is absolutely normal and nothing is perverse, don’t you think? We have been practicing group sex for almost four years and I can say that we have many pleasant memories but some less so. There are a lot of frivolous and especially lying people who give themselves to couples or women and are actually alone.

I’m Gaby, I’m 47 years old and I’m crazy about sex

In the 7th grade I discovered pornography, and in the 8th grade I lost my virginity to an older boy. I didn’t love him but he was the first guy who proposed to me to have sex with him. I was deeply disappointed, I didn’t even have oral sex, or I really wanted to feel a playful and lustful tongue in my pussy and suck a cock until ejaculation.

I'm crazy about sex

A second one appeared soon and I sucked his cock, I realized that I really like this and especially the delicious nectar.

I was not a good girl I was fuckin ‘down with any good guy I proposed to do that. I was considered a whore but I cared little, I had sex for my pleasure and not for my partners. Even then in the 12th grade, when I had sex with 5 boys, I did the same for myself, they all fucked me twice in a row in my pussy and mouth, but especially in my mouth.

That’s when I realised how much I like cum and sucking cock. When I see a perfectly raised cock I lose my reason and salivate painfully with lust, but just as many I like to lick my pussy. The biggest delight for me is to lick a freshly fucked pussy full of man’s cum and her cum, sean illing Helen fisher.

We have been married for 19 years and our marriage has been erotic from the beginning. At a student party, I was sucking on a colleague’s cock when my husband entered the room, the scared colleague ejaculated instantly and I swallowed everything. The door closed behind him, I won’t go into details but he told me that he liked from the first moment the lust with which I suck his cock. We didn’t kiss the first time like other young people do, his first gesture was to lick my pussy and I remember that I really liked it.

It was the first time a tongue pierced my anus and that’s when I finished. She covered her whole pussy with her mouth and sucked me, emptying me of her juice, then she kissed me and gave me the nectar of my pussy in my mouth. I was shocked when he showed his cock in front of my eyes, I had never seen a cock in my life like a whip ever. That’s what I liked about him the first time, the dick and the incredible lust with which he licked my pussy and ass and especially my ass, I had never felt a tongue in my ass. We didn’t leave the house for three days, we had only one occupation, to fuck wildly without getting tired. In a few months, the registrar will declare us husband and wife, fisher sean illing Helen.

At the beginning of our marriage we fucked 6-7 times a day, but maybe you don’t believe it, but since we are married only when my husband has left, we haven’t had sex every morning. If I’m in a cycle, I give my husband an oral and I enjoy his delicious cum, if not my husband wakes me up with his tongue in my ass. I love to feel his tongue pierce my asshole and then my pussy, nibble on my clit and paws, suck them and rub them simultaneously with the tip of my tongue. I turn and grab her cock in her mouth, swallow it all and then lick it from the balls to the swollen big head.

He licks me while I pee, the sensation is insanely pleasant and I like to die, he also pees on me… This is how a day begins for us, pleasant and full of sex. Then it depends on how busy we are but for us sex is a way of life.

A first attempt at group sex?

About 9-10 years ago I went to a long wedding that started at noon on Saturday and lasted until Sunday evening. Somewhere on Sunday around 5-6 in the morning I told the hosts that we would like to rest a bit, crazy sex lyrics.

A room with two beds, in the other bed another couple, he was snoring terribly I guess dead drunk but she awake looked at us with astonished eyes. She was a pretty blonde, we undressed in bed. Obviously I didn’t have pajamas, each only in panties, the room was half dark from the light of a neon outside, illing helen fisher Sean.

I was a little dizzy and my husband too, soon I felt his cock raised and a perverse thought, to have sex in front of her. It was so exciting, first he licked me as usual until close to orgasm and then I took his cock in my mouth trying to present it to our viewer. She was looking at us, I wasn’t sure, but she certainly didn’t turn her back on us, I could hear her husband snoring.

We continued to have sex and suddenly my husband whispered in my ear that he was going to her. The girl didn’t object, she was standing with her legs wide open holding Mike’s head and licking it while sitting on the carpet. I looked at him for a while, it wasn’t clear, but I wanted to lick him too. I walked next to him but she turned her back, trying to push me away but still we both licked her anus and delicious pussy. We were left with the memory of her panties because we had to retire to the next room, someone else was looking for a place to rest.

I started searching and I wanted to have group sex at any cost, a girl or a couple, preferably a bisexual couple with her. You know very well how unserious the ads are and I even took an interesting sting at one point. Let me tell you what it was like, we went to London to meet a couple. We stayed at the hotel and met at the bar, we knew they were lovers, we talked a little and she had to go home, she was just married. We were going to have sex the next day, the guy stayed with us and at one point my husband suggested we go upstairs.


I’ve been wanting a total sex game with two males for a long time, so I had sex with that guy and my husband. Then I discovered how much I like a real dick in the ass, the guy was normally gifted and double penetration drove me crazy. Husband in pussy and he in ass, then they both ejaculated in my thirsty mouth. The guy left and went to live with her the next day, they didn’t come and they didn’t answer the phone. I was left with the pleasure of having sex with two men, something I had been dreaming of since I was a teenager, fisher sean illing Helen.

The husband proposed a crazy ex-girlfriend after his cock and ready for anything. She accepted the girl but had no inclination towards lesbianism, she just wanted my husband’s cock. fisher sean illing Helen.

I especially liked to lick her and her husband’s cum full of cum, then I discovered that wonderful taste. But we both wanted something more perverse and refined. We paid an escort to have sex with us, but this was not what we were looking for either.

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