Anal pleasures…

Anal pleasures with young ladies before wife

I was 36 years old and in my second marriage. Anal pleasures. Her name was Lexy and she did everything I wanted in bed. It was like a sex dream. Especially since she liked to caress my cock, especially as a reward after I fucked her well leading her to two orgasms. Me without ejaculation.

She collapsed after spasms, then opened her eyes, and, with a guided look, whispered, “Do you want to suck Gelu?” That’s the nickname for my cock, “Gelu”. It was a little annoying, but that’s what she used to say. , while I held her bare leg and small, silky heels.

He licked his cock tactfully, whispering “Come on Gelule, fly away” until I exploded, throwing up large jets of semen. Which she then sniffed, like a bitch in a rut. In addition, Llexy had a desire for bisexuality, and she often told me about her only experience with a woman, a 31-year-old girl, a phase that had taken place 7 years ago, and which she had not repeated since, not finding a partner.

One evening, my beloved wife, who was tenderly holding my limb between her fingers, caressing it with her mouth, after an hour of copulation, looked at me I don’t know how and whispered to me: “Honey, I think I have to make a confession… Do you know that for a month I have been dreaming of looking at you like you are giving up another woman? ” I felt like I was dying. She snorted. “Oh, I know it’s not normal, but women at 35 have moments when they go crazy. I know it’s complicated, but for sure here in our apartment, I’m going to organize this, to bring in a woman who wants to suck Gelu while I watch you… So you want to, yes? ”

I didn’t know what to say, I was suffocated by what Lexy was saying. In response, I grabbed her head like crazy, and a wave of excitement made me gasp and immediately let out a few thick jets of semen. Straight on her small breasts.

After about a month, destiny made me live the great sexual experience, pleasures with two women at once.
One night Lexy says to me, “Honey, my cousin Amaly from Liverpool is asking us to keep her with us for about ten days, because she has to take an exam with us in Manchester. He wants to go to medicine. You get upset?”. I wasn’t too excited, but when my cousin came into our apartment, my opinion changed.

Cousin Amaly was 20 years old, and she was 1.82 tall. She had a sexy body that contrasted with a doll’s face. Exactly the opposite of my wife, who was only 1.64. She had big breasts and a round bottom. He had long, thick black hair, gathered in a thick ponytail. She was weird, she spoke rarely, and she seemed to stumble. He generally avoided looking at me and conversing more with Lexy. It was so weird to have a girl in our house… Her scent mingled with her wife’s.

Then one night Lexy took me in her arms and whispered hot in my ear, “Love has put your hand on your head.” Let’s play in threes. He told me yesterday. What does he like about you… What do you say love?… Sex circus with two women, at your home… ”. Warm shivers ran through my body. A 20-year-old girl with me, a 36-year-old man, and my wife ?? God. I breathed. I know I was shaking. “But how did you do it?” He giggled. “I don’t know… Yesterday she was showering with the door open… and she let me look at her. So naked… Then I don’t know how, but I approached her and kissed her…

We kissed… then we stroked our pussies until the end… Then we talked… and told her about your dream… And she said she would like it… It’s so weird that I knew about her that she is a delicate shy person, in high school her classmates called her “Fifi”.

The next day was Saturday, we were both free. I don’t know about Lexy, but I didn’t sleep at all. Tormented by an animal’s sexual arousal. Everything she told me the night before.

It was June and a perfect summer day was beginning. I could hear the squirrels, the sparrows…

Lexy and I have been smoking in the living room since we were six. Sleepless and excited. We were wondering if the girl was going to do what she said…
Amaly woke up around seven. We both shuddered to hear it. Then she went to the shower and then, while the water was flowing, Lexy whispered to me, “Honey, can’t I have a foreplay?” and he immediately took off my pajamas and began to lick my cock with his mouth. As a prelude, Lexy wanted to meet the 20-year-old girl in the living room like this. He sucked over and over and then whispered, “Love, don’t change. I want to see you spray Amaly okay?” I gasped as my heart rate reached 100 beats. Between the tongue and the thought that there was a foreign girl in the shower. A 20-year-old girl. God

Then I heard the door, God, Amaly had finished the shower and was coming! Then I heard my cousin’s slippers and Lexy called “Fifi” entered the living room, tall, untied and in a pink hood. Without suspecting anything.

He locked himself in the doorway, seeing how the two of us were in the summer morning sun. her dear “Gelu,” who had grown enormously like a banana, as Lexy joked.
Lexy looked up and said softly, “Good morning, Amaly. How did you sleep? Do you mind if you find us like that? Don’t you come with us to help us?”
In me, the fact that I was under the mouth of a woman while another was looking at us gave me some strange pleasures that threatened to lead me to spasms, and I moaned loudly, struggling with the imminent sensation of ejaculation, looking at Amaly looking at us… dream.

But I didn’t dream that the smell of shower gel from the girl’s body had come to my nose. Amaly’s eyes widened at the porn scene, and she turned red as a beet. But he didn’t run away, as I thought. On the contrary. With slow movements, and with her eyes fixed on my limb, so red but shameless, Amaly came up to us and knelt beside me. Without a word. I stared at Lexy, who, aroused by the other’s presence, began to wet my glans wet, Amaly’s eyes on my eyes.

Anal pleasures

Between the two, overwhelmed by the mixture of women’s perfumes, in me the pleasures became inhuman, with the penis in my wife’s mouth, I grabbed the solid girl by the neck and began to kiss her mouth, on geraniums. Rhythmically pushing up from my hips, pushing my organ deep into my wife’s mouth. Amaly stuck her tongue in my mouth too. I grabbed her breast, a big breast, hot and hard with a hard nipple, like a 20-year-old girl. Filling the living room with yawns like an animal. Amaly still didn’t say anything, no sound, she was just moaning at me, winking at my wife’s juicy blowjob.
Five minutes later Lexy stopped. Saliva flowed from his mouth.

And he said, “And now, love, let’s leave the pretty girl, shall we?” hot, I arched up and down loudly from the bottom, and screamed at the new sensation, then bent down and swallowed without hesitation two-thirds of my cock, proving a flawless sexual technique. What it looked like had been human cocks in her mouth. The cock stopped firmly in the girl’s tonsils. I let out a loud shout that the sensations were new and bitter.

Then a new wave of pleasure exploded in me as my wife sneaked up behind her, lifted the hem of her hood, and unveiled a white ass that she began to kiss tenderly, poking through her thin fingers. . When she got there, she moaned loudly, but still with her cock tucked into her tonsils. I touched her ass too and felt my goosebumps on her fingers. We both caressed her, me in the anus and Lexy in the clitoris, and Amaly with my cock in her mouth and under that sexual massage, moaned in crescendo until she turned her head on her back shaking all with small howled cries: she had reached orgasm , between us. The feeling of ejaculation was gone. Then I heard the hoarse voice – “Honey, aren’t you going to love her in the ass now?” perfect white pieces.


Don’t protest at all. I caressed the 20-year-old girl’s pussy while Lexy stroked his cock with her hand to make it big and hard for sodomy. My wife’s eyes were wild, excited, like she had never seen before. Hey, are you ready to fuck a little girl in the ass? Then she personally guided my cock, placing her glans at that brown hole, it was a good guide, then I pushed half of my cock into her anus, which received me silently, without saying a word. I didn’t feel like ejaculating at all and I grabbed her hot hips and pumped her lazily and deep into my anus, watching my 36-year-old brown cock enter the ass of the 20-year-old girl.

Everything under the staring eyes of the girlfriend who caresses the clitoris and a breast with the other hand. And he urged me perversely, with a voice hoarse with emotions “So, so, so…”. It didn’t take long for the anal treatment to lead to a second, longer orgasm with jerky sphincters. And with other small sharp shouts that resounded in the living room. After two rounds of pleasure, he lay down on the couch so empty, he crouched down, his girlfriend put her mouth between her thighs and gave him tongues while I took my cock in my paw, next to them, until I was relieved he rushed over her cheeks and nose. Knocking on the couch. Dizzy with the smell of naked women, pussies and hot follicle.

Half an hour later, caressed by the two women, I was erect again, like concrete, and Lexy was riding me, while Amaly kissed her small breasts.

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