Learn to have anal sex

Learn to have proper anal sex. Keep the lubricant handy, communicate and don’t forget it’s not for everyone.

In case you haven’t noticed, straight anal sex is in full swing right now. Decades ago, it was considered, at least outside of quer circles, a taboo sexual act that few had the courage to talk about, let alone admit that they tried. Now, anal sex is in vogue in both porn and mainstream culture. But in reality, not many straight men and women practice it. (Statistics show that about a third of straight women have tried anal sex, and the number of women who practice it regularly is much lower. It is difficult to find information about straight men who have experienced anal stimulation, although they have increased a lot lately sales of prostate massagers, and some reports indicate an increased interest in it.) However, many sexually active people, especially straight women, feel the pressure to experiment with anal sex.

Fortunately, sex educators have experienced this growing demand for anal with lots of guidance and advice. Not for nothing, but many people go straight to work without having too much information. Most beginners in this field take their information from porn movies, where anal sex always seems easy: even a vibrator or an unlubricated penis in an anus, without any preparation, and you pump for an hour at it.

But if you talk to porn actors, they’ll tell you it’s just a fantasy. Girls are hard for their anus to be able to charge the fucks you see in movies, a porn actress that entered the industry last year. The workout is different for everyone, but it usually involves preparing the anus with your fingers or toys for hours or even days in a row before a scene, plus various relaxation tricks. Some actresses are taking food supplements for digestion, others are taking Furazolidone, others are enema – anything to reduce the risk of a nasty incident. “It helps a lot that the porn industry is a controlled environment and you know very clearly what will happen and when,” which entered the industry in 2015.

“I have a very good system,” a 14-year veteran of the porn industry, nicknamed the “Queen of Extreme Anal.” “I lost track of objects that went through my anus. But it still takes me three or four days to get ready for an anal scene. ”

During filming, there are pauses for reapply of lubricant, which is not visible on the screen. In addition, the stages in which the penis is cleaned when switching from anal to vaginal sex are removed during assembly. And this hygiene is vital to prevent infections. D, who entered the industry last year, said that he is filming from certain angles and positions that are not necessarily comfortable in real life, but they look good on the screen. And porn actresses are not ready for anal at any time, but they need breaks of several days or weeks between scenes. An eight-year-old porn actress, she added: “You can’t expect your home partner to go straight to anal, especially in the style of porn movies. This is true for men and non-binaries as well. ”


“And yet most people think they can reproduce what they see in porn movies,” said S, an anal sex professional. “Some partners fuck me too aggressively because they saw hardcore anal sex scenes with me.”

R told me last year that “seventy percent of UK women say their most recent experience with anal sex has been painful.” This could explain the growing number of women suffering from anal rupture or anal prolapse, the first time.

It’s a shame, because anal sex can be practiced safely, without risk, and can be fun for everyone involved. The opening of the anus contains tons of nerve endings, both in men and women; it is located close to the root of the clitoris and the vaginal G-spot and allows stimulation of the prostate, for those who have that anatomy. “I’ve found that I love anal orgasms and I’m aroused by anal games,” Snow said. “An anal orgasm is intense for men, it makes their whole body tremble. In some cases, a trans man or woman may ejaculate without even touching her. ”

Even if the anal sex they have on screen is not at all realistic for most ordinary people, porn stars have extensive experience in anal games. “I know my body very well, I have deepened it both literally and figuratively”, said the anal expert M. Of course, sometimes they have bad accidents or go through horror stories. There are actresses like K, who say they like to have hardcore anal sex in real life, but most say they don’t have the kind of sex they do in movies. In any case, they all have tricks and tips for quality anal sex and are happy to share them.

Not everyone agrees with how anal sex should be done in real life. They all say that lubrication is extremely important and that things need to be done gradually. But some actresses recommend training even for anal sex in real life, while others think it can be done spontaneously, if the partners are very aroused and attracted to each other. And not all their advice is relevant to everyone, because every anus has its needs. For example, S and J say that the vagina gets tired faster than the anus from frequent and hardcore sex; She told me that her body seems to be so well built for anal sex that she doesn’t even need warm-up for the hard scenes. Other people, such as D, are more sensitive and prone to injury. Most pornstars I’ve talked to about anal sex over the years agree that anal sex really doesn’t suit certain people.

What should a person trying anal sex for the first time know?

  • I always recommend starting with toys. My favorite is a silicone butt-plug kit I found on Amazon. And anal vibrators are great! Try one and I promise you’ll be a fan. I recommend you start with one finger, then two, maybe three. The idea is to relax. Breathe deeply. Trust your body. If it hurts, stop.
  • There is a wide range of toys you can experiment with. Test as many as possible.
  • There are a lot of super fun anal toys! Inflatables, glass toys, anal balls, butt plugs, dildos.
  • All you need is an anal toy: either a penis or an anal toy. (That is, toys that have a flat base so that they cannot be completely absorbed by the sphincter.) If you talk to doctors, you will find a lot of stories about people who put various things in their anus.

Learn to have anal sex

How can beginners prepare for anal sex?

  • If you have no experience, take it easy and do not choose a partner with a very large penis or an exaggerated dildo. Experiment with small toys for starters.
  • Use anal toys correctly. Start training with small toys. Do not keep a toy inside for more than ten minutes.
  • I don’t like plugs, and I don’t need them to train. But I know a lot of people who do that. Find out what works for you and try different things.

What does a person who wants quality anal sex need to know about lubrication?

  • Choose a lubricant that you like, because you will need a lot. I prefer coconut oil.
  • Even if you think you have enough lubricant, use it even more. (However, some experts warn that too much lubricant can encourage too much anal play that can cause incidents.)
  • There are some special lubricants for anal sex that can be found on the internet. They are usually made of silicone and reduce friction.
  • Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone toys, as they will disintegrate over time.
  • Do not use water-based lubricants, they dry much faster than silicone-based ones.

Beyond physical intercourse, how should partners approach anal sex emotionally?

  • Try anal with someone you trust.
  • Tell your partner how you feel and what rhythm you like.
  • You need to talk to your partner a lot before anal to make sure you both want it just as much.
  • I have to have an incredible chemistry with my partner to be able to have anal sex. And the main thing is communication. It doesn’t work without communication.

Is it mandatory to have an enema or a cleansing ritual before anal sex?

  • I don’t always get ready, but I do anal sex with partners I feel comfortable with, so I know I’m okay in case we have an unpleasant incident.
  • Some people feel more comfortable and more confident if they make an enema before. You can try this. Not the other way around, but you also get used to the feeling of having something in your ass.
  • It can get dirty if you don’t clean it first. And you won’t be able to relax if you don’t feel clean.
  • It’s best to clean up first. It’s awful if you do it for the first time and you have an unpleasant incident. It is best to make an enema with water instead of saline.
  • I always do hot water enemas an hour before intercourse.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not perfectly clean. Accidents also happen.
  • It often happens that it gets dirty. Don’t worry and always communicate with your partner.
  • Don’t eat long before you have anal sex. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system.
  • I recommend that you do not eat rich meals 12 or 24 hours before anal.

What should people who worry about pain know?

  • Do not use painkillers! You will not feel if there is a problem and you can get hurt. In addition, the numbing substances work on the penis and the erection dies.
  • I’m against numb pills or ointments for the same reasons. And don’t forget to use a condom, because sexually transmitted diseases are also transmitted anal, especially because the tissue of the anal walls is very fragile.
  • If you want to take painkillers when you have anal sex, this may not be the case for you.
  • I would not recommend taking painkillers before anal because anal should not hurt. If it hurts, it means you’re doing something wrong. Either it’s not for you, or you need to change something.

Are there good positions for anal, especially for beginners?

  • It is most convenient for me to sit in the missionary position with my feet behind my head. If the muscles in the lower back are not tense to support your body, the anus will relax more.
  • The missionary position is very good because you can relax your anus well.
  • It is good to experiment with as many positions as possible, but it is good to know that in doggy style, the penetration is deeper. For starters, I recommend side penetration for a more comfortable experience, firsttime anal sex.

Last warnings?

  • Anal sex becomes more pleasurable over time and can be very pleasurable for both partners, to enjoy anal sex.
  • Maybe it’s not for you. It’s not really for everyone, and that’s okay.
  • I don’t recommend anyone to do this every day. The anus needs three to four days to repair. But it’s cool from time to time.
  • I go to the proctologist twice a year to see if everything is fine. It is important to go to the doctor if you have anal sex often. The gynecologist recommended it to me. You have to listen to your body and feel when it hurts and it’s not a good day for anal, anal sex how to.

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